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Our online flight training courses offer scenario-based training that helps you plan and prepare—not just for your flight lessons, but also for the flying you will do once you have completed your training. 

Your one-time course enrollment offers lifetime access with free updates to dozens of easy-to-use, helpful resources that can save you time and money.

Access From Anywhere

The training course is available for use from your Mac/PC, iPhone, Android device, and even for offline viewing.


You and your instructor can both see where you excel or struggle all in one place, allowing you to study and receive appropriate support.

Cost Effective

The training course helps you prepare for each lesson and learn on your own, which optimizes the time you spend with your instructor and in the aircraft.

Enjoy these helpful resources:

  • Video-based flight previews that match the Ignite Flight fleet of Cessna 172 aircraft
  • A test bank with hundreds of questions to help you study for the FAA Airmen Knowledge Test (required for completing your flight training)
  • Timed and randomized practice exams with report card grading

view a sample video

Below is an excerpt from the online course on “takeoffs and landings.”

Your course also includes a large Reference Library with:

  • Course Training Overviews and Course Syllabi
  • Airman Certification Standards
  • Practice Test Standards
  • FAA Computer Testing Supplements
  • FAA Handbooks
  • FAA Advisory Circulars
  • Navigation Log Forms
  • Useful Aviation Websites, Guides, Charts, Checklists, and Forms
  • 65+ PIMs and POHs

my personal Flight Plan

Create a personalized plan for your pilot career.


MY PERSONAL FLIGHT PLAN™ can help set you up for success as you train for your pilot career. Our Pilot Academy in Lincoln, NE provides a superior learning environment that will help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about the different pilot career opportunities and receive guidance to help you set goals and navigate each step of your professional flight training.


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