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The Lincoln Airport is a prime location for learning how to fly.
Varied weatherlong runways, and unique airspace create a top notch training environment, while excellent examiner availability allows students to complete their training with minimal delays.

enjoy oureasy learning environment

Whether you are training to fly professionally or for recreational purposes, the Lincoln Airport provides a unique, educational, and enjoyable training experience.

Accessible Location

Because the airport is located just a couple minutes off three major roadways (I-80, Highway 34, and Highway 77), it’s easy and very fast to find your way to the airport. 

We find that many of our student travel from other communities because of the superior experience and the quick, easy drive. Lincoln experiences relatively low traffic congestion in the area, making it a low stress commute.

Unique Class C Airspace

The Lincoln Airport possesses its very own tower, complete with Air Traffic Control (ATC). This allows you to:

Gain experience communicating with ATC without the pressure of a crowded metropolitan area; utilize two excellent practice areas; and enjoy the 12,901 foot runway (the runway is long enough with low enough congestion to be included on the NASA list for shuttle landings).

Excellent Examiner Availability

Unlike many other areas of the country, Lincoln experiences excellent examiner availability, so you will experience fewer delays due to unavailability and rescheduled checkrides. 

Examiner fees are typically around $400 per checkride, and our students have very high overall checkride pass rates.  

Varied Weather Patterns

The broad range of temperatures and weather patterns here will allow you to gain practical experience and confidence flying in diverse conditions. 

You will learn firsthand how to fly in weather from all four seasons. In addition to blue skies and sun, you’ll encounter snow, ice, wind, and many other conditions. You’ll also learn instrument approaches with real clouds rather than having to simulate approaches.  

experience theThriving aviation community

Reputable Businesses

Located near the ramp, you will find several growing, reputable businesses, including Ignite Flight, Duncan Aviation, Silverhawk, Hillaero and more.

Lincoln Air National Guard

The Lincoln Airport also enjoys the presence of the Lincoln Air National Guard Base, which provides air refueling and support to the U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, and allied aircraft.


Maintenance at the Lincoln Airport includes factory-approved service centers that help us keep our aircraft flying safely and consistently.

Wide Variety of Aircraft

If you like to look at airplanes, you’ll enjoy the wide variety of aircraft that fly in and out of the Lincoln Airport on a regular basis.

about Lincoln, nebraska

Home to the Nebraska State Capitol and the University of Nebraska, the city of Lincoln is a Midwestern community that appeals to young professionals because of its trendy shopping, nightlife, affordable housing options, trails and recreational opportunities, and highly rated restaurants.

What more could you want, right?

Growing, Friendly, and Safe

As a fun, friendly college town, Lincoln has been experiencing an influx of skilled young talent. Widely known as the “Silicon Prairie” for its increasing presence of technology-related startups, Lincoln has low crime rates, excellent air quality, and low unemployment. Many college students stay in Lincoln post-graduation to begin their careers and start families, and forty percent of Lincoln’s population is aged between 20-44 years old.

Low cost of living

Your dollars can go further living in Lincoln, because our overall cost of living is dramatically lower than the cost of living in many other parts of the country. And with its relatively low tax rates and good overall housing availability, Lincoln has been recognized for having one of the top 40 housing markets for families in the entire country.  – WalletHub

Top 10 Best Downtown


#1 Healthiest Small City

– Daily Finance (Gallup), 2014

#3 Happiest State

– Business Insider


#1 Most Content City

– 24/7 Wallstreet

explore our City Culture

Historic Haymarket

Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket District offers a variety of places to eat and things to do including:

  • Well-loved eateries with varied cuisines: Lazlo’s Brewery and Grill, The Oven, Vincenzo’s Ristorante, Hiro 88, Blue Sushi Sake Grill, Leadbelly, Buzzard Billy’s, The Green Gateau, Ivanna Cone, and Rodizio Grill.
  • Browse-worth stops: local antique shops, art galleries, craft stores, and clothing botiques.
  • Don’t miss: The Haymarket’s Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings from May to October.
Downtown Haymarket
Pinnacle Bank Arena

Entertainment Venues

Lincoln’s entertainment options cover the gamut.

  • Attend NCAA basketball games, high profile concerts, and more at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. 
  • Enjoy theatre productions, comedians, and concerts at the Pinewood Bowl Theater, Lied Center for Performing Arts, and Rococo Theatre.
  • Catch a movie at one of Lincoln’s Marcus Theatres.
  • Enjoy live bands, outdoor ice skating, and free watch parties on the outdoor mega screen at The Railyard.

Outdoor Activities

Lincoln’s abundance of trails, bicycle lanes, and parks allow for plenty of outdoor activity.

  • The Lincoln Trails Network is perfect for hiking, running, and biking.
  • Sprawling parks like Holmes Lake Park and Pioneers Park provide gorgeous views, walking trails, fishing, sand volleyball, playground equipment, and more.
  • Organized running events include the Lincoln Marathon, The Good Life Halfsy, the Market to Market Relay, and many other fun runs.
Running Trail

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