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The unprecedented pilot shortage is creating tremendous opportunities for professional pilots.

American Airlines leads pilot hiring surge as US airlines set traffic records


…At American Airlines, average pilot pay hit $229,000 a year in 2018, up from $138,000 a decade ago, according to the MIT Airline Data Project. The pay at Southwest was $234,000 for the average pilot, $52,000 better than in 2008.

“The money is really good once you get to the mainline,” Sykes said. “It used to be that you had to suffer through flying for a regional with low pay, but that’s not the case anymore…”

Delta Is Hanging Out A Massive Hiring Sign

That’s a promising sign because major airlines are desperate for trained pilots. Currently the FAA requires veteran commercial pilots to retire at age 65. Yet, beyond mandatory retirement, fewer pilots are being trained by the military

Delta plans to hire 8,000 pilots in the next decade. 1300 of them are expected to be on the Delta payroll next year. The carrier will also need thousands more flight attendants and mechanics…

‘Keep ‘Em Flying’; STEM symposium hopes to spark interest to help major shortage in aviation industry

…Industry experts say there is an acute shortage of qualified personnel in the aviation industry, which could lead to flight disruptions on a massive scale.

That’s why the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association is conducting an aviation STEM symposium, to hopefully spark an interest in high school teachers and administrators to include aviation in their curriculum…

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