New Website Launch

We are excited to announce the launch of our new and redesigned website! Created with user experience in mind, the site incorporates new features that help visitors quickly and easily navigate to their desired product or service. The clean, modern layout and rich content allows us to better accomplish our mission of inspiring and enabling aviation dreams, one aircraft, one relationship, and one aircraft at a time.

The website does a great job of highlighting our rapidly expanding pilot academy. With this, we hope to serve career minded aviators, helping them to prepare for employment in airlines, charter, corporate aviation, and more. The new website will also inform you of the current demand for pilots and hopefully encourage you to take the next step in your career training.

We highly encourage you to take some time and explore what the new site has to offer!

New Facility Update

As construction steadily progresses, the vision of the new facility is becoming more of a reality each and every day. With the installation of the hangar door, windows, and outside doors complete, it is safe to say that the exterior of the building is nearing completion. The Performance Aircraft signage was also recently installed!

The interior of the building is coming together as well. Flooring work is to be installed in the near future and more and more drywall and lighting fixtures are put in daily. We can’t wait to make the move and invite our customers to experience the new space with us!

Welcome Mitch Otter to the CFI Team

We’re pleased to announce the addition of another CFI, Mitch Otter, to our team.

Mitch grew up in southeast Wisconsin. He attended the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, where he studied agronomy and agricultural business.  After graduation in 2016, he worked in the agricultural industry for a couple of years before he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. Mitch moved to Denver, Colorado in August of 2018, where he received his ratings. After recently relocating to Lincoln, Nebraska, Mitch is excited to help others realize their potential in aviation.

Mitch can’t wait to help his students learn and accomplish their aviation dreams!


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