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about international flight Training 

Ignite Flight has worked with many international students to help them successfully achieve their flight training goals.

If you are in the United States with a valid visa, we can assist with your application to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and help you complete the Alien Flight Student Program that is required before you begin flight training. However, we are not able to sponsor visas for flight training at this time.

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about professional pilot training 

We offer pilot career training for: airlines, charter, corporate, freight, agriculture, law enforcement, and more.

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As a Ignite Flight student, you will join a great culture, gain access to quality instruction, modern aircraft, and job placement assistance.

We have the experience and airline relationships to take you from zero to flying for regional airlines in about two years, and from there on to the major airlines.

If you are interested in other pilot career tracks, such as charter, corporate, law enforcement, or agriculture, we can connect you with people in those fields.

When you choose Ignite Flight, you can rest assured our focus will be to develop your character and skill capacity for success in your flying career.

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Create a professional plan for your pilot career.


MY professional FLIGHT PLAN can help set you up for success as you train for your pilot career. Our Pilot Academy in Lincoln, NE provides a superior learning environment that will help you achieve your goals.

Learn more about the different pilot career opportunities and receive guidance to help you set goals and navigate each step of your professional flight training.


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