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Thank you very much for all the excellent work helping us not only get our A36 sold, but also for maximizing the price and eliminating the headache. You and your team were totally efficient, professional, and helpful in all aspects of the transaction.

Matt M.


Curt was a great asset to have on this purchase. Whenever I wanted or needed anything he was there to answer the call. He worked out pilot training, escrow, prebuy services etc.  Totally recommend him for anyone looking to buy or sell an airplane.

Trace W.


It was a pleasure, as always, working with Performance Aircraft on the purchase of our Cirrus. You guys are professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. Given that I am a first-time airplane buyer I also appreciated the time you took to educate me on the “stuff” beyond just buying the plane…including reviewing all of my detailed spreadsheets on total-cost-of-ownership and giving me counsel and advise there. I would highly recommend Performance!


David F.


I could not be more pleased with my Cirrus purchase from all you folks at Performance. You all went the extra mile to get us in and out with all the details ironed out ahead of time.


Daniel H.


The sale of my aircraft was a bitter sweet experience, but once the decision was made, choosing you and Performance Aircraft was clearly and easily my only choice. Your personal integrity to protect the interests of both sellers and buyers on every transaction, in addition to the professionalism displayed by your organization, were the driving considerations for my decision. Needless to say I was not disappointed by your exceptionally quick success selling my chariot at a fair price.

On the basis of this transaction and based on your previous success selling an earlier aircraft of mine, I am more than willing to encourage others to avail themselves of your services. Indeed, I hope to encourage my son and his partners to contact and contract with Performance Aircraft when they decide to move forward with the acquisition of a business aircraft. Working with you has been my pleasure. Please don’t hesitate to list my name, email address and phone number on your reference list.

Again, my thanks and appreciation.

Hank G.


Without everyone at Performance Aircraft, I don’t think we would ever own a plane. Bill was great- taking all the time we needed to find the right plane for us, to negotiating the deal, and setting up the inspections. It was definitely a process, but I don’t think I would have been able to do it on my own. As a first time plane buyer I would recommend anyone looking to buy a plane to use Performance Aircraft. I know I’ll be back when it’s time to upgrade. 

Jordan D.


At first I was skeptical about using an aircraft brokerage company so far away where I and the aircraft were located. After several discussions with Stacey and spending time on their website, it became apparent Performance Aircraft provides an excellent online experience and very informative venue for buyers to explore prospective aircraft.

The brokerage agreement was simple, straightforward and fair. Once we got into the Market Analyis, while I would have preferred a few higher numbers in the determined value, it made sense and was based on solid market numbers and comparisons. The photographer came to my home to take pictures of the logbooks and then spent well over 4 hours photographing and taking video of the aircraft.

The resulting online presentation was detailed, with logbooks and high resolution photos and video. A great resource for buyers and sellers to compare available aircraft currently on the market and recently sold.

Pretty quickly, we found a buyer and the negotiation went smoothly and fairly with Performance Aircraft’s assistance. Pre-buy and closing followed just as easily. Overall it was as stress free and positive of an experience as could be, given the stakes.

If you’re in the market to buy or sell an aircraft, I highly recommend you give Performance Aircraft a serious look. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the process and my experience. Keep flying!

Van N.

New York

Stacey pestered me enough that I decided if she worked half as hard to sell the plane, as she did to get the listing, she was the person I wanted representing the aircraft.

Roy H.


When we first engaged with Performance Aircraft, we didn’t know what to expect, but afterwards we were very impressed with their ability to get the process started and closed in a very professional manner. These guys can get the deal done!

Bill A.


You guys are awesome. You all could give training to anyone in the customer service biz. Like cable and phone companies, credit card and banking firms.

Really great! I appreciate you all.

Jeff M.


I was referred to Performance Aircraft by a local CSIP, and boy am I glad he did! This was my first aircraft purchase, so really I needed someone to hold my hand throughout the entire process.

Starting with Stacey, I was put at ease by her friendly demeanor and knowledge of the buying process. I then spoke with Mike and Bill, which helped me narrow down what aircraft we were going to look for. So how did Performance help me the most? By being Performance Aircraft!!

I would say to look no further and to just trust in the system Performance Aircraft has set up. It works, and works very well! I have already referred two others to Performance Aircraft. I had a blast working with Mike, and as I told him, I cannot wait to buy my next aircraft with him. It’s crazy but I am already missing the guy! You get close to someone like him by talking almost every day, then all of a sudden it’s over. Thank you bud!!

Diel R.


Dear Stacey,

For a first-time airplane buyer, you made the process as smooth as it could be. From hosting a visit and demo flight to helping secure a hanger for the prebuy inspection and answering countless questions in between, you were an invaluable guide throughout the process.

For my wife and I, this was a BIG decision and one in which we weren’t even sure what questions to ask. Having completed the process with you as our guide, we are confident that we bought the right aircraft at a fair price. We could not be happier with your service, and we will definitely recommend you to anyone in the market for an airplane. Bless you.

Dean and Tammie Jo


Performance Aircraft gave me the feeling I had someone working for me personally…as opposed to just one more plane in their for sale inventory.

John J.


I appreciate all that you and your team did to make the purchase process easy.

Performance Aircraft did an excellent job presenting the aircraft specifications and pictures. I was concerned about the complexity of an aircraft purchase and registration and Performance made the process simple and straight forward. They helped in arranging the pre-inspection and accommodated our visit with detailed directions and rides to the service centers as we required.
When I am ready to sell my aircraft I will definitely use Performance Aircraft in Lincoln NE.

Performance Aircraft is a professional organization that will present your aircraft for sale with extensive specifications and pictures. They do an excellent job representing your aircraft to prospective buyers. As for purchasing an aircraft, Performance Aircraft does an excellent job with the process of escrow, title and closing, making it easy and simple for the purchaser.

Jim A.


Performance Aircraft made the process seamless. As a buyer, I had absolutely no trouble dealing with Performance Aircraft, they were working for the seller, but it seemed that they were working for me as well. Everything was perfect, and Mike was supper attentive and professional.

Pedro M.


Performance Aircraft was on the ball and always proactive communicating and helping make the purchase and sale as easy as it could be. I am in the sales business (different product), but selling is selling. It’s all about connecting with people, and they were great at it. Treating me fairly while still keeping their fiduciary relationship with their client, the seller. I would give Stacey, Bill and their team the highest marks, and I plan on staying in touch with them.

Adam B.

South Carolina

I would like to take a second and thank you and Performance Aircraft for helping me through my first purchasing process.

It was definitely a learning experience and I appreciate you walking me through some of the complicated steps. Some of my calls were after hours and on weekends, and you took my call.

You are on the right track because I know you were representing the seller as much as the buyer…yet we both walked away feeling like we got a deal.

Thanks for the help.

Carl H.


I initially chose Performance Aircraft because they were selling a plane I was interested in buying. I needed to sell my current plane to buy a new one, and I was impressed with the way Performance marketed the plane they were selling, so I decided to use them.

Performance Aircraft helped me sell my plane in two ways.  One way was doing all the leg work.  They flew to the location of my plane, took pictures of all the log books and took pictures and videos of my plane.  Second, they did a very thorough market analysis which helped me price my plane competitively, and then did a very expansive marketing of the plane on all the usual aircraft buy/sell sites.  They did all this for a very fair charge. Overall, they did a fantastic job marketing my plane and helping me sell it at a great price.

If I was asked about my experience with Performance Aircraft, I would say it was an excellent experience and it exceeded my expectations.

Ron S.



I was very happy with the service that you provided in locating the 2002 Cessna 182T aircraft for Westbank Fishing, LLC.  The integrity and business acumen that you brought to the table was much appreciated. You were helpful in guiding this purchase into a suitable resolution for both  purchaser and seller.

Frank N.


Mike was a huge help with steering me through the process for an out-of-state airplane purchase. The airplane was exactly as represented and I would definitely recommend Performance Aircraft to a friend. The photos were excellent too.

Carson M.


I was impressed by the people at the end of the phone. Helpful and knowledgeable. I believe they were prepared to assist on my timetable. Bill negotiated the deal and talked the buyer through all the potential issues with little effort on my part. Their Market Analysis confirmed my market analysis and assisted in understanding the market timing. I enjoyed working with you folks and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again!!

Mike L.


I chose Performance Aircraft because of the people. Bill has assembled a team that made every step of the process smooth and actually enjoyable. From start to finish, they all provided a level of professionalism that was completely unexpected, and they were always easily accessible for questions. Their ability to immediately expose my plane to their customer base exceeded any format of media I had used myself. They proved to me, it truly is a case of knowing the market, and being in connected with as many real buyers as much as sellers. I was extremely impressed with their ability to bring multiple real buyers with such expediency.

Stacey and Bill truly helped me understand the market, establish competitive pricing and provide substance to their customer base to support the asking price better than I could have or that I believe other brokers I have worked with in the past. They truly marketed and sold my plane for me.

Chad S.


My experience with Performance Aircraft was exceptionally pleasant. The team was very professional yet quite friendly and easily accessible. Bill’s knowledge of the market and detailed understanding of my aircraft made my decisions much easier. The agreement with Performance Aircraft was a “win-win” with the incentives for both parties aligned…….the way any really good deal is made. I knew from the outset that they had “skin in the game” as they go to considerable cost to come to your location and photograph the plane and logs.

The most important comment I can make is that if I had another aircraft to sell, I would not hesitate to give them a call.

Frank M.


They created a sense of confidence because of their professionalism and experience as aircraft marketers and aviation enthusiasts. After agreeing to simple commercial terms, Performance started the process by using a professional photographer to assist the effort to best display the visual qualities of the aircraft. Their knowledge of the market allowed us to feel confident that they understood aircraft values. Additionally, the personality of the marketing team made this an easy decision that we would be treated well and communicated with frequently on their progress.

Skyhawk Flying Club


From December 2014 to February 2015 I negotiated the test flight, purchase, temporary storage and flight to Maryland of a Cessna 172 with Performmance Aircraft. Over this period, I had a large number of email and phone exchanges as well as a two-day visit to Performance Aircraft. This total experience with the organization was consistently outstanding and reflected that Performance Aircraft was a company with superior staff and a commitment to the highest professional standards of responsiveness, customer service, and ethics. Without reservation, I recommend Performance Air to anyone interested in purchasing or selling an aircraft.

Bill K.


The reason I chose Performance was first…your persistence in keeping in touch with me! No one else did that and I felt that if you were that diligent about keeping in touch with a potential seller, you would be equally diligent about keeping in touch with a potential buyer. I also liked the fact that you had sold another Cessna 400…TWICE…and I felt I had a much better aircraft that would be easier for you to sell. The former seller, Mike, was also a great reference for you.

Performance most helped me in selling my plane by understanding the market, understanding the aircraft, and understanding the entire sales process. I was taking the calls on my own before I listed it with Performance, but I was a novice at selling the aircraft. Performance brought the expertise of buying and selling that made the process easier for me.

The market analyses that you prepared were very helpful, especially considering how the market is moving so quickly. With your advice, it gave me the confidence that we were listing the aircraft at a fair price.

If I ever have a friend or associate consider selling their aircraft, I would highly recommend they contact Performance!

I really appreciate everything your team did in helping an old retired guy sell his favorite toy and not regret it!

Bill F.


I figured if Stacey and Bill were as tenacious about selling my plane as they were about listing my plane, Performance Aircraft would be a good selection. When they were willing to be vested in the process by flying from Lincoln to Austin for a photo shoot of plane and logbooks, that sealed deal. Performance Aircraft performed a very detailed market analysis that aided in the fair pricing of plane. Folks at Performance Aircraft are the consummate professionals who pay attention to the details.

Vince D.


I chose Performance Aircraft to represent my 2005 Piper Meridian because of previous success using their services. I appreciated the great photography, communication, and willingness to work the process with me in a way I was confortable with, honest and straighforward.

Performance Aircraft has a great team of people, they are reasonably priced, they offer great aircraft photography, and they have the knowledge to successfully help people buy and sell planes.

Brandon M.


For over 20 years I have owned aircraft, both personally and several in a fleet when we operated an FBO-eleven aircraft total. When the time came to sell, I always used the normal network of friends, signs at local airports and personal listings with Trade-A-Plane, Controller, Barnstormers etc…So, when it came time to sell my 1974 Skyhawk that route was my first thought. But, there were over 100 172’s listed-with about 20 of similar vintage on the various trading sites, some for many months. I knew it would be a little tough to generate much interest and I wanted to sell sooner rather than later.

At the same time, I was looking at newer 182’s and began to communicate with Bill and Stacey at Performance Aircraft. I was immediately impressed with the professionalism they exhibited. They followed up and had great attention to detail.

For those reasons, I decided to list my Skyhawk with them. They have a specific method of displaying their aircraft professionally and honestly. While this method may cost a little more, it gives a buyer confidence that what they are seeing is an accurate representation of the aircraft-both the good and the bad. For both parties, it reduces the questions that always come up during the process, especially at the pre-buy inspection.

The sale of my 172 happened quite quickly and smoothly. They handled the role of mediator in a manner that was fair to both sides. It is very obvious that they understand both the product and the market. All the documents were completed, and the money was in the bank before the ferry pilot rotated on the trip to the Skyhawk’s new home.

The highest compliment I can give them is that when I buy my next aircraft, my first call will be to Bill and Stacey at Performance Aircraft.

Rod P.



Just wanted to follow up and tell you and everyone I met how great they made the experience, and how everyone made us feel comfortable. I hope that if any of your team comes to the Tampa Bay area, they will call me so I can visit with them.

Because of your professional team and alliances with other top companies, you will be my first call when looking to purchase another airplane.

As for the flight, worst marginal VFR weather for the entire flight, but because of the updated coaching and the fantastic plane you sold me, it was the best flight ever. Two days and 5 landings.

Thank you again.

Tom S.


Performance Aircraft went well above and beyond the industry standard to make sure that our aircraft was well represented and beautifully displayed which ultimately resulted in more value to my aircraft.

The market analysis highlighted that I was asking too little for my aircraft when I tried to sell it myself. I ended up getting 10% more than my previous asking price.

The knowledgeable staff at Performance was able to give me valuable advice and guidance for selling my airplane at every point in the process. Performance Aircraft is easy to communicate with and is very professional. It was a pleasure doing business with such a great group of people.

Performance Aircraft made my airplane look so good in all of the material posted that I almost didn’t want to sell it. The listing was so thorough and honest that I will be using Performance Aircraft for my next purchase.

David G.


It was a great pleasure to work with Performance. After Stacey contacted me last year, I thought I would give Performance Aircraft a try to sell my aircraft when the time came. This year when I decided to sell my Turbo Skylane, you folks at Performance Aircraft did a wonderful job and sold the aircraft within 20 days. To work with you high professionals was always a pleasure. All the paperwork was well-prepared, and the handling with all the involved parties was perfect! And you managed all this while I live in Europe and you work in the United States.You can be sure, if I want to buy an used aircraft you are my first choice, and if I have to sell an aircraft again, you will also be my first choice.Performance Aircraft did an outstanding job!It was a great pleasure to work with you. After Stacey contacted me last year, I thought I would give Performance Aircraft a try to sell my aircraft when the time came. This year when I decided to sell my Turbo Skylane, you folks at Performance Aircraft did a wonderful job and sold the aircraft within 20 days. To work with you high professionals was always a pleasure. All the paperwork was well-prepared, and the handling with all the involved parties was perfect! And you managed all this while I live in Europe and you work in the United States.You can be sure, if I want to buy an used aircraft you are my first choice, and if I have to sell an aircraft again, you will also be my first choice.Performance Aircraft did an outstanding job!

Michael W.


Bill and Stacey were very informative regarding the T206 we purchased and how it would fit our unique needs. Definitely give them a call and at the very least they are a wealth of knowledge. We had several unique needs that were met within a very short time frame. The only way we could have gotten it done in such a timely fashion was the unsurpassed level of customer service that they provided. Thanks!!

Jim D.

North Carolina

You folks are examples of all the great qualities found within the aviation community. Everyone at Performance Aircraft has been awesome to work with.

I finally got my airport badge so I could visit my hangar yesterday. It was very humbling to open the door and see the beautiful airplane inside. I have thought about owning an airplane many times over the years but never really thought it would happen. Thank you again for helping make this happen.

Conrad V.


I chose Performance Aircraft because they had great customer references. They allowed me to sell my airplane while continuing my daily activities without interruption. The Performance Aircraft team took the lead in advertising the plane and answering all of the inquiries from potential buyers, shielding me from distractions. Their market analysis gave me confidence that the advertised price was a true and reasonable market value for my airplane. At the conclusion of the sale of my airplane, even after paying their commission, I received more cash than I had originally anticipated before engaging Performance Aircraft.

Tim R.

New Mexico

You guys did an excellent job. It was exactly what I needed and you did everything you said you would do. I would highly recommend your company. Additionally, I believe you added value to the process. Thanks for a job well done!

Dave C.


Performance Aircraft provided a turnkey service. In the beginning, once all the essential information had been exchanged, Performance took over and it was fairly seamless. I received regular updates, and then our interactions picked up again once the offers started rolling in. It was obvious that Performance Aircraft had a lot rigor in how they went about selling an airplane. Stacey, who I worked with quite a bit, was clearly dogging down every lead and was very persistent in her efforts.

Jay R.


With the broad based international experience Performance Aircraft embodies, they were able to complete a quick sale to an international buyer. Bill and his staff have a through knowledge of the market and with the advent of the internet it has become a global market that they utilize. If you are considering selling a plane there is no reason not to use Performance Aircraft.

Paul R.


Performance Aircraft worked with me a number of years ago as I sold a Cessna 182. When it came time to think about selling our Commander 114, there was no consideration as to who to call. Bill and his staff were and continue to perform in a manner that makes this experience pleasant and efficient.

The research that went into pricing and presenting the aircraft gave us an appropriate price to ask for this plane. I did not expect that the sale would go quickly, in fact, I anticipated that I would have a couple of extra months to fly the plane as we waited for a purchaser to come along. The marketing that was done on my behalf created an immediate interest in this plane. There were two buyers that came forward and the plane sold quickly.

This transaction was easy on me as the Performance team produced amazing results in record time, with very little input on my part. In my opinion, there is no better team to represent you when you buy or sell an aircraft. If anyone has a question about the services of Performance Aircraft, I invite you to contact me for a reference.

Thomas B.


Performance Aircraft sold my Cessna 182T 4 years ago, and their advertising support was outstanding. I chose them again when it was time to sell my Piper Cub and I am very happy with their results.

Performance Aircraft completed a comprehensive market evaluation of my Super Cub, came on location to inspect and photograph the aircraft, and initiated a very professional market advertising campaign which resulted in a closed deal within less than 60 days.

The market analysis provided me with confidence that the selling price was at the current market value.

Performance Aircraft is a very professional and trustworthy company. They have the knowledge and experience necessary to communicate every aspect of the transaction with the buyers.

Tim R.

New Mexico

Every aircraft has a story, we all know this. I was referred to this amazing group on my 1st transaction, and that was the start of not one, but two great stories! The marketing and customer service that Performance Aircraft delivers is way above anyone in the market place today.

My first sale was inked in four business days, for more than the listing price! The second, a Beechcraft King Air 300LW, was an impossible task—after five brokerage firms unsuccessfully tried, Performance Aircraft delivered! They understand the market, the people involved, and have so much integrity with both sides of the transaction. Theirs is a world wide reach, with an unbelievable staff. 

Bill and Curt along with their support staff, will make doing business with Performance Aircraft an absolute pleasure.
Loyalty is something of the past in today’s environment, this group has mine. Because they have earned it, the old fashioned way… Hard Honest Work Ethic

Tony S.


Performance Aircraft and Evan  – were great to work with, made the purchase process a breeze.  Stayed on top of any request or questions, and communicated well throughout the whole process. Would recommend to others going through the same process.

Jacob P.


Evan Reiman contacted me after I had just listed my airplane for sale. […] During our initial conversation I quickly recognized that Evan was working with a serious buyer who understood the value and resale cost of the make and model of my airplane. Evan handled the transaction in a very professional manner. I was really impressed at how easy it was to sell my airplane by working with him. Our communication during the entire process was excellent. The use of the title and escrow company also made things go very smoothly which reduced my effort to sell my airplane. I would definitely recommend Evan and his team for anyone interested in buying or selling an airplane.

Owen C.


Extremely detailed aircraft listing including numerous pictures, video, and most importantly complete logs on line for immediate remote review. Very streamlined system for easily presenting a contract, providing a deposit, arranging for inspection, and ultimately closing the transaction. Extremely helpful and courteous staff.

Still hard to believe how easy it was to complete this complex purchase from over a thousand miles away. Highly recommended Performance Aircraft to both sellers and buyers.

Gerald S.


To All,

There are no words ? for me to describe the service and love ❤️ we received from your company’s bottom to top personnel!

Thanks again for your support and service throughout my selling of my aircraft. In the future I will use and recommend your company’s service in buying or selling. I especially want to thank Bill personally for his great service. It was greatly appreciated!

Love and blessings from the family
And Merry Christmas..??


Jeff A.


Of all the websites I searched over to look at 182’s, when I FINALLY got to the Performance Aircraft website…
No one else has the website as nice as yours. Plenty of pictures, all the logbooks were there and you could find all the info you wanted on the plane.

I did not think your listings were too loud. Some websites will say ”gorgeous new paint, a spectacle to see,” “one meticulous owner,” etc, etc, etc. You guys did not do that. Performance Aircraft seemed to be fairly objective.

I talked a little with the previous owner about you guys. He was also impressed with having someone fly up and take zillions of photos. The 360 View was interesting!

If I was to sell the plane, I think I would use you guys. Too many dealerships, sellers, etc, are inconsistent on what information or history they will provide.

Bill L.


Holly and I were very happy with our experience buying the 206 Cessna from Performance Aircraft! The sale went off without a hitch and the aircraft was very well represented. Thanks to all of you for a great experience!

Steve J.


I trusted the team at Performance Aircraft to help me identify an airplane that fit my mission, budget, and goals. I’m happy to say that they exceeded all my expectations by keeping me informed throughout every step of the process. You can trust that this team is not out to sell you an airplane but to be a lifelong aviation partner. I would definitely use them again for selling or buying an aircraft. Thank you!

Eric L.


I first contacted Performance Aircraft because we were ready to sell and I had just received a postcard in the mail. I thought Stacey Allison was extremely professional and patient while we worked through deciding to sign with them vs. selling the plane ourselves.

They took care of everything. Specifically, Stacey and Mike helped us understand what was going on in the current market and helped us determine a good selling price.

Seeing what comparable airplanes were on the market right now and being able to compare them line item by line item with our airplane helped us to see there was a lot of value in our airplane.

The Performance Aircraft team was very professional, knowledgeable and considerate. They provided timely and thoughtful responses to our questions. They understood we run a very busy firm and never pushed us to make any decisions until we were comfortable making them. They wanted to do what we wanted. They took care of everything as if they were part of our family.

Stacey has a way with people that is very genuine and I appreciated her gracefulness in ushering us through the sale of our airplane.

Apryl P.


I appreciate all that you did in making the transaction pain free and educational. I will tell all of my friends that might look for an airplane to look you up.

John Y.


The perfect presentation, excellent pictures and a complete documentation and description of the aircraft made it easy to work with Performance Aircraft. The excellent support by Stacey made the deal easy and smooth. It is now the second aircraft, which I bought through the support of Performance Aircraft. I would certainly recommend them to any friend.

Hans K.


Performance Aircraft communicated with me in a timely consistent manner prior to listing my aircraft with them.  They were not overreaching but did contact me on an occasional basis to see if I was ready to sell.  This balance of contact and communication led to my decision to go with them.  The comparative market analysis was very helpful in understanding the true value and what the aircraft was worth in today’s market.  They were able to sell the aircraft at a slightly higher price than market value which obviously was a plus.

The time that Performance Aircraft took with the photography and videos of the aircraft were second to none.  I have seen nothing that even comes close to this level of quality.  I was very pleased with them from start to finish and would highly recommend them to anyone wishing to sell their aircraft.

Dave F.


I just sold my aircraft through Performance Aircraft with Bill Heckathorn and his outstanding staff.  I have owned numerous aircraft, and I have worked with other brokers. I can say with certainty that Performance Aircraft is by far the best experience I have had. Outstanding communication and service. The photos and videos of my aircraft made it extremely easy to market the plane and were impressively done; superior to any experience I had with other brokers.  The fellow who bought my aircraft was equally impressed with Performance Aircraft. He felt the purchase of the aircraft and transition from my company to his was professionally done and easy for him.

I originally chose Performance because of previous experience with Bill Heckathorn.  He is very professional and easy to work with.  In addition, Performance Aircraft is centrally located at a major airport making access for buyers convenient.  I knew Bill would sell my plane quickly with the way he presents the plane through photos and videos. I knew I would get the best price for my plane. Bill is extremely knowledgeable of the used aircraft market. He is always up-to-date on all of the resale internet sites.  He knows what aircraft are worth, and he will advise you of the best price range to sell your aircraft and also the best strategy to purchase a used aircraft.

Beyond extensive marketing and quality marketing through photos and videos, Bill kept in touch with me regularly during the process.

I have told friends with aircraft to use Performance.  In fact I have continually urged Cirrus to make Performance a preferred partner for resale of Cirrus Aircraft.  I can state from personal experience with Performance and the other preferred brokers that Performance is hands down the best way to purchase or resale one’s aircraft, especially Cirrus.

Dan S.


As a first time buyer, I was nervous about the entire process–plane selection, negotiations, paperwork, and closing. After my first contact with Stacey at Performance Aircraft, I knew they were the right fit to help me. She quickly made me feel at ease with everything. Their website is positively the best and most comprehensive in its class.  The process was smooth and the plane was exactly as it was represented. I couldn’t be happier!

Dennis C.


When we started to decide to sell our Cessna 182, we called Performance Aircraft for some advice and direction. It was easy to see that we made the right call. The entire team went to work for us by walking our partnership through the steps we needed to take to prepare the aircraft.

Their study of the current market conditions lead us to determine an appropriate asking price. The photographs that were taken for the promotion were perfect and when I saw the final presentation, I was amazed. They took the time to do it right.

When the presentation was made public, only a week or so passed before we had our first of two offers. Stacey walked us through the options and made suggestions that maximized the purchase price. The closing was absolutely simple as the Performance team did all the work.

Thanks to the whole team for a superior job.

Thomas B.


The selling experience was characterized not only by high competence, but Stacey and Bill were very good at keeping me informed and were a pleasure to work with. They are honest and nice as well as highly professional.

Sam M.


They were great about researching all the planes that were available to me and explaining all the differences.  I didn’t really know the questions to ask or the things to look for like they did.  I had planned on one type of aircraft and ended up buying another based upon their help with all of the research.  They were honest and upfront about everything and I always felt that they had my best interest in mind.

Mike A.


I had an absolutely terrible and frustrating experience before, but buying N7478 was painless and instead rather enjoyable, and I appreciate you, your team, and the Seller for that matter for making it that way.

Matt H.


The reason I chose Performance AC to sell my plane was based upon my interaction with Mike and the confidence he expressed regarding the positive factors used by Performance Aircraft. I was also impressed with the extensive photo shoot by James. When the time comes for my next aircraft I will definitely contact Performance Aircraft first!

Jeff A.


When I contacted Performance Aircraft about a plane, Stacey was very forthcoming and pleasant. She supplied all the information I requested, led me through different aspects of purchasing a plane, and even helped me in dealing with the title company. I had purchased another plane a few years back and only dealt with the previous owner. Working with Performance Aircraft and Stacey was a much better experience and I slept soundly at night.

Harvey R.


You have a very professional company and I am impressed with the rapid and solid response you got in the marketplace. You have been very helpful.

John L.


My mechanic recommend I work with you to sell my plane. Your communication here is very very good and I really appreciated your honesty. Stacey’s follow up is awesome. Bill knew the value of airplanes as well as anyone I have met in the industry and I have been flying for over 30 years. You guys did a great job communicating with me throughout the process and kept the plane moving to closing. I was very pleased with everything.

Randy C.


Your operation was first class all the way and exceeded my expectations.  Every single person we had interaction with was excellent and very professional in executing any request we had.

Mike & Joe J.


I chose Performance Aircraft because of the ease of communicating with the team from the very first. They helped the most by keeping track of interested parties and following up with them, providing a market analysis and price point, working to negotiate a successful deal, and relying on their experience to manage any buyer including foreign. Excellent, reliable, consistent communication on the status of the sale and prospective buyers.

Michael R.


To be completely honest, I had studied various printed and on-line aircraft marketplaces for quite some time before we contacted Performance Aircraft. We knew roughly what we wanted the airplane to do. And, we had the funds ready to go. But, the whole prospect of researching, finding, inspecting, purchasing, transporting, and getting training in an aircraft was overwhelming for this first-time buyer. Performance Aircraft made the process far easier and more enjoyable than I ever would have imagined, so much so that we’re eager to work with them again.

One of the main reasons that we chose Performance Aircraft was their Mission Discovery service. They listened to our goals and provided valuable insight into the pros and cons of various models. Bill provided some insights that we probably wouldn’t have considered until after the fact. The end result was an aircraft that does a far better job of meeting our aviation goals than some of the aircraft that were higher on our personal list.

I would tell my friends that they could trust Performance Aircraft to provide honest, ethical, and enthusiastic service. Bill found an aircraft that best suits our needs while staying well within our budget. They arranged all of the pre-purchase inspections, coordinated the ferry flight, and ultimately provided valuable transition training. The whole process was practically stress-free. Everyone at Performance Aircraft seemed genuinely interested in tailoring the purchase process and the post-purchase training to our needs. They took what seemed to be a daunting process and made it simple and enjoyable. They treated my wife and I like Lear jet buyers even though we were on a Skylane budget.

The folks at Performance Aircraft are clearly enthusiastic about the service that they provide. They recommended an aircraft that fell well within our budgetary range while still meeting our needs and expectations. And, the post-purchase training and follow-ups have been phenomenal. Even though it’s been nearly a year since our purchase was completed, we still hear from Performance Aircraft occasionally as they check-in to see if everything is still going well with our “new” aircraft.

Matt Y.


Performance Aircraft was critical in every step of the way in buying my plane.

We were able to locate a great find just a few hours after it came up on the market–and at a great price. If we had waited a few more hours, we would have lost the aircraft to someone else. If I was doing this on my own or with another broker that wasn’t paying close enough attention, I would still be looking or have to settle with another aircraft at a higher purchase price.

Surround yourself with professionals. Performance Aircraft never let me down, and at every step exceeded my expectations. Do not assume that you can go in as a novice and have a great outcome all by yourself. You might get lucky sometimes, but why take that risk? They did an absolutely great job at every step of the way. They never let me down.

Stacey and Bill, as much as I like to offer constructive criticism to help folks, I can’t think of anything you could have done better…seriously. Y’all did a great job.

Jason W.


Duncan Aviation needed a qualified single engine aircraft sales company. We met with Bill and his team and were impressed with his knowledge and the way he represents the aircraft he’s selling.

The market summaries and valuation reports kept us informed on the market. Bill and Stacey did an excellent job of marketing and evaluating our aircraft. The photos and advertisement were a cut above nearly everyone else in the small piston industry. I was very happy with the way the aircraft was advertised. Bill advised us every step of the way on the positioning and pricing. He kept us informed of all inquiries and was very prompt to get paperwork moving in the right direction once we got a serious offer.

I would say that Bill and his staff are professional aircraft analyst, risk managers, and problem solvers, and they represent the buyer and seller very well. Every time I called, Bill’s staff were professional, friendly, and courteous. It was a pleasure to talk to each and every one of them when the opportunity presented itself. As a seller it was nearly effortless to sell my aircraft.

Marc M.


Our relationship with Performance Aircraft was sort of an evolutionary one. We initially chose Performance Aircraft because we were looking for a T206 and your company was representing a seller who owned one. From the time we first called Performance Aircraft; obtaining information on the T206, discussing price, through negotiations, “putting the deal together”, following through on the escrow and then closing this transactio; we found you all to be extremely professional and very efficient. For all the above reasons, including your marketing abilities, are why we came back to you for selling our old aircraft a few months later. We had an equally satisfying experience in you selling our plane (especially considering our traveling circumstances during the process). If we or any of our friends in the future have a need to buy or sell an aircraft, there is no question that we would highly recommend Performance Aircraft and encourage them to do so.

Tim & Doreen C.


I spent the better part of two years looking for a 182 to become my first airplane. From my first conversation with Bill at Performance Aircraft, I began to narrow my search to late-model Skylanes due in no small part to his enthusiasm for, and knowledge of, the model series. Besides Bill’s obvious expertise, I was also impressed with Performance Aircraft’s website: a large number of exterior and interior photos from varying angles, complete logbook images, and comprehensive equipment lists demonstrate a transparency that is often lacking in aircraft listings. Once the purchase process was underway, Stacey was very helpful in providing frequent updates and offers of assistance. For a first-time buyer like myself, the experience was made much simpler by having Bill and Stacey as facilitators to the purchase. I couldn’t be happier with my Skylane and would encourage anyone on either side of an aircraft transaction to give Performance Aircraft the opportunity to match buyer with seller.

Scott S.


Stacey and Bill did a great job of addressing any concerns I had along the way. I didn’t feel like I was being “sold” something; more like just working through the thought process of is this the right plane and price for me.

Keith B.


Performance communicated very well with us through the entire process and absolutely represented our best interests throughout. They were very knowledgeable of the market, took a personal interest in us and our aircraft,and were very friendly.

James P.

North Carolina

I think Stacey and Bill were most helpful by the straightforward, honest way they answered the questions I had about the aircraft they had for sale. After the purchase agreement Stacey helped with much of the details that helped the process go without a hitch. I really appreciated the professional way she helped me finalize the deal. I was able to proceed over the weekend and holiday without delay and that helped complete the purchase even though the aircraft was half way across the country.

I was fortunate to be able to visit them in person and after meeting them I had confidence that they were reputable, professional individuals I would be comfortable working with. I wasn’t disappointed.

Steven B.


Performance Aircraft focused on the customer queries about the plane and had it sold in a few weeks. Their Market Analysis confirmed my opinion as to the aircraft value, and I feel they are an excellent organization to work with.

Keith B.


I chose Performance Aircraft because of their expertise in the market and their very competitive pricing. Bill and Stacey were relentless in taking care of all the details required to get a plane sold in a professional manner. Bill and Stacey exceeded all of my expectations. They did a great job of finding a quality buyer and getting the deal closed at a price I was happy with.

David W.


My experience with Performance Aircraft was outstanding!

I first attempted to sell my Cessna 182 on my own using the typical web sites. Out of the blue, Stacey cold called me after I was out there for a week or so and did a fantastic job of describing her company, past successes, the sales process, and what the expected outcome might be. She gave me the confidence to try them and abandon my solo efforts. One of the smartest decisions I could have made. Their process was transparent, efficient and, most importantly, effective. James came to my airport in Rhode Island and spent the day photographing and filming my Skylane. The end product was a very professional and polished marketing package that was on their web site within days. Bill did a great job of positioning my plane’s pricing. Within 24 hours, we had a strong hit. From there, Stacey and Bill held my hand as we (really them) negotiated the final deal and completed the transaction including Performance Aircraft providing the necessary legal documents and escrow. Bill did the interfacing with the buyer. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the process and result, and the quality and professionalism of their company. Highly recommend them!.

Robert K.

Rhode Island

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